Cheers to the Journey

Katherine Day (nee Nina Stocker) and Kathryn Day (Nee Kate Joyce) met at university while studying Oenology. Separately they embarked on winemaking journeys both here in Australia and across the globe; from France, Italy, the Napa Valley and Portugal, to Marlborough, McLaren Vale, the Yarra Valley, Tasmania and Central Victoria, they continued to learn, and perfect their trade whilst inciting a passion for wine.

Then among the clinking of fabulous fizz and vintage vino, a chance meeting at Kathryn’s (Kate’s) wedding saw Katherine (Nina) meet and fall in love with the best man; the identical twin brother of Kate’s husband!

The continuous line drawing on the Two Pairs label represents the team standing together as Two Pairs. The continuous line signifying the beginning of the journey, the story to date and the continuing of the journey, where ever it takes them…..

Two winemakers, marry identical twins =

 Two pairs joined by friendship, marriage and love of wine

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